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J.D. Falk jdfalk at priori.net
Thu Dec 4 00:00:34 UTC 1997

On Dec 3, Nicholas Bastin <nbastin at wtic.net> wrote: 

> On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, NANOG sysadmin list wrote:
> > Is anyone here aware of the source of seemingly random packet loss to and
> > from home.net?
> We have a T1 from @home and I've been getting about 75% packet loss on it
> for the last couple weeks.  We've got a ticket in, but nobody seems to
> know what the heck is going on.  Best I can tell is all my traffic gets to
> MAE-WEST with only 1% - 2% loss, and then starts timing out.  Of course,
> anything within the @home network is just as quick as usual.

	There's been about 12-15% packet loss between the NASA/Ames
	side and MFS's giga1 for a while now.  That may be related.

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