IBGP problem concerning more specific routes

Pascal Petit - SYNET ppetit at synet.fr
Tue Dec 2 20:03:53 UTC 1997

Here is an amusing BGP problem :

   Wild Wolrd-----------R1--------------R2------Our Networks
 There is an IBGP sesion running between R1 and R2. R2 advertises route to R1. In our block there is a class C used by one of our
 customer  which is not directly connected to our network. This customer
 advertises its class C to the Wild World via its own ISP.
 R1 receives the advertisement from the Wild World, it
 stores it in its routing table; however R2 never takes it into account :
 its routing table only mentions , it doesn't mention the
 more specific routing entry

 Our Networks cannot get to Is it a feature of IBGP ??
 Thanks for any help,

Pascal Petit
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