caching at windmills (i mean exchange points)

Ton Verschuren Ton.Verschuren at
Tue Dec 2 15:57:37 UTC 1997


I read your proposal an have a question. I assume that your MAE-west 
cache will act as a parent for the MW ISP's (otherwise, there's no data 
in the cache). That means that all outbound traffic from MW is routed 
through your cache, isn't it? That also means that e.g. all 
transatlantic traffic will flow through your lines. Or am I missing 

For our AMS-IX exchange in Amsterdam I would think that the best thing 
we could do is to connect all ISP's top level caches as neighbours, 
without a special AMS-IX parent cache. All ISP's connected have their 
own transatlantic lines...


Ton Verschuren - Communication Services - SURFnet bv

==> From: k claffy

| to: ISP's at mae-west 
| we submit for your valued consideration
| a proposition
| (first few paragraphs of web page included below)
| k and dw 
| nlanr/caida
| 	(under we-run-commodity-infrastructure supervision 
| 	 from steve feldman (maewest),
| 	      bill woodcock (zocalo),
| 	  and david meyer   (UO) 
| 	)

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