The Year of the Backhoe Continues...

Wayne Bouchard web at
Tue Dec 2 06:38:13 UTC 1997

Only marginally. That increase I personally attribute to the
increasing number of outages (increasing but still relatively few)
number of outages caused by people digging up fiber while trying to
lay more fiber.

The relative severity has gone up though for two reasons. First, there
is more fiber than ever in the ground and that which is in the ground
is carrying more traffic than it used to. So a single cut can cause
lots of people problems. Also, because of the increase in internet
use, the visibility of such cuts has gone way up.

> do people really think that the relative fiber cut rate is any higher than
> in the past?  there's a bit more fiber, hence the term 'relative'.  but i
> suspect that the predominant factor is that new victims have a better means
> of broadcasting their displeasure.
> randy

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