Status: RE: The Year of the Backhoe Continues...

Bownes, Robert M. (EXCH) RMBOWNES at
Mon Dec 1 18:28:41 UTC 1997

Wiltel's cable was cut by a front-loader that was in a disposal yard
digging outside of their right-of-way (where they should not have been

Wiltel is currently locating their hand-holes.  They are stretching out
a temporary patch cable using 3M mechanical splices to attempt temporary

No ETR at this time.

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>On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Bownes, Robert M. (EXCH) wrote:
>> Just got a note from our NOC...
>> >
>> >Worldcom fiber failure in Dover FL....techs enroute....	
>> >
>> >249 ds-3's down....ETA for Worldcom tech 10-15 mins
>> >
>> no ETR
>Is this due to the "fiber upgrade"?

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