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Susan R. Harris srh at
Mon Dec 1 14:27:46 UTC 1997

> > CC's trimmed for sanity.
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Hi everyone - just a reminder about the NANOG AUP.  As I said in private
e-mail to several folks last week, the AUP expressly discourages
cross-posts to NANOG and other lists: 

	3.Postings to multiple mailing lists are discouraged. 

(See As folks noted in the messages quoted
above, several recent postings did trim their CC: lists, but the messages
were still cross-posted to NANOG and other lists.  Please note that many
non-operational issues discussed in these messages, particularly DNS
issues, are more appropriately discussed in newdom at or one of the
other DNS-specific mailing lists. You'll find a selection of these other
lists on Merit's "Resources for ISPs" Web page
(  Thanks in advance for your
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