perf #s for GRF vs 7500 Re: Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP S witch?

Jeremy Hinton jgh at
Thu Aug 28 21:54:29 UTC 1997

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Chris A. Icide wrote:

> Rob,
> 	Comparing your BAY routers to everyone elses is like comparing a 
> top fuel dragster to someones 69 Chevelle street racer.  You folks have some
> heavily modified software and hardware, from what I understand.

	AFAIK, ANS has stock hardware (FRE/ARE, with ARE performing
soloist duties), same as us and other Bay cutsomers. Software is another
issue though. Rob can probably shed some extra light on this, but i'll add
what i've gathered. Their code line supposedly split at 10.x, while
mainstream progressed up to 11.x (w/ISP mode having *some* of the ANS
addendums). 12.x is supposed to bring the code lines closer together,
though i'd imagine ANS will still have needs that wont be rolled into the
mainstream code.

> From: 	Rob Skrobola[SMTP:rjs at]

> Folks,
> 	We have bcn/bln's out there with over 60 bgp peers on a 64Mb
> ARE. Works fine. Taking in about 63000 pps (170 Mbps) over 6 interfaces
> with a high of 20k pps when I looked a couple of minutes ago..Not
> untypical of the 30 bcn's and bln's on our network..
> 	So the 4-6 Mb per peer thing is inaccurate. On the way high
> side. 

> Slot   Total      Used      Free    %Free
> ----  --------  --------  --------  -----
>    6   61.67 M   32.82 M   28.84 M   46 %

	I think the original figure was based on a peer sending a full
table, which is pretty good IMHO. The figures above look a little on the
high side, but i'd imagine ANS has quite comprehensive BGP policies in
place from the RADB, and they would take up quite a chunk of memory. 
Besides, from recent experiences it looks like Bays bgp implementation
doesnt return memory to the GAME engine once its unused, it just keeps it
for future re-use. So the memory used actually reflects the most the BGP
process has required since it started, not the current usage.  Of course,
the ANS code might behave differently.

- jeremy

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