perf #s for GRF vs 7500 Re: Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP S witch?

Marten Terpstra marten at BayNetworks.COM
Wed Aug 27 15:10:42 UTC 1997

[sorry - should have replied to Paul directly but hit the 'd' key too soon]

>> Bay claims to hold the entire Internet routing table in just 4-6MB RAM
>> per BGP peer (I assume this is after convergence). They say that the
>> method in which they do this is proprietary. I am just wondering if it
>> is possible.....

Let's see. Here is a router I used a couple of months ago:

38 peers configured.
Using 52565 Routes out of a total of 266710.
24135 unique paths maintained.

And memory usage:

Process Memory Use Statistics
      Name        Slot    Used    %Used
----------------  ----  --------  -----
bgp               9     23251104  48

So, 23251104 bytes / 266710 routes would be around 87 bytes per route,
multiple that by say 48000 or so for a full table now and that would make
it 4.1M per copy. Note though that the 23M used above is not just route
memory, it is also for the BGP code itself (most software modules on a Bay
are loaded dynamically when needed) and other BGP things like filters and
such (although the above router did not have too many).


PS different sets of BGP routes may of course alter these numbers, I just
wanted to provide a live sample to answer the question.

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