perf #s for GRF vs 7500 Re: Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP S witch?

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Aug 27 10:17:34 UTC 1997

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Paul Peterson wrote:

> Has anyone compared the figures or have any feelings regarding the Bay
> Networks BCN ??

Working on it, got my Bay in yesterday. Will take the electrical people a
few days to get a 240 Volt 20 AMP connection to it.

> We are considering one over a Cisco 7513/RSP4 or a GRF.
> Bay claims to hold the entire Internet routing table in just 4-6MB RAM
> per BGP peer (I assume this is after convergence). They say that the
> method in which they do this is proprietary. I am just wondering if it
> is possible.....

Bay is doing some vary interesting stuff, They clam to have the 7500 and
GRF beat hands down. We just got our new lab up with 7500 RSP4 VIP2, GRF
400, GRF 1600, and Bay. It will be vary interesting to see who wins. I
have my money on the GRF, but we shall see. 

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