Is this just a rumor?

Paul E. Erkkila pee at
Wed Aug 27 01:06:37 UTC 1997

There was a discussion of ARIN at ISPCON where Kim H. explained the
   funding policy in great detail to the people present. In this case
   $2500/yr is not for each /24 registered but an annual fee paid by the
   ISP to buy service from ARIN (for one year) for their overall address
   allocation. If your total allocation is > /24 and < /19 then you only
   $2500 for that year. If it it over that then you pay for whichever
tier you 
   fall into.

	At first glance I thought the policy was somewhat lopsided against an
   an ISP who is at the low end's of each tier. (n^2 per address bit and
   but the proposal clearly states that this is just their initial
   and once ARIN is formed it will be the responsibility of the ISP's
   make the effort to join ARIN to set policy, including fees, tiers and
   renewal rates.

   Paul Erkkila
   Frontier IOAC

J.D. Falk wrote:
> On Aug 26, Joe Shaw <jshaw at> wrote:
> > I've also heard that.  Another rumor is that Domain Name Registration is
> > going to now cost $250/year, instead of $50/year.
>         Haven't heard that one, but I doubt they'd be that stupid.
> > Class C address space
> > is going to cost you $2500/year.  The $9.95/month ISPs are out of
> > business.  What's this going to do to the small and struggling businesses
> > out there?  Class B networks are now going to cost $637500 at that price.
> > So, look for prices on everything to start going up to cover the costs for
> > your upstream providers.
>         That one I have heard.  The actual pricing structure in the
>         early ARIN proposals ( was scalable;
>         it was never $2500 per class C unless you're getting them
>         one at a time, in non-contiguous blocks.
>         These kinds of conspiracy theories are on literally dozens
>         of other mailing lists, including NAIPR and PAGAN.
>         Please note the reply-to.
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