Network MOO?

k claffy kc at
Tue Aug 26 21:51:40 UTC 1997


hey there Eric --
 I saw a pointer to the IPNmoo off of, and this got me thinking - 
 how many other people would be interested in a Nanog-flavor MOO?  IPNmoo 
 doesn't seem to be running (
sorry, stale web page; it's at
i've fixed
to reflect current port
  I've had a bit of experience running a MOO, and it seems like it
  might be a useful thing to have.  I may even be able to provider
  server space, if there's enough interest.  Comments?

er, if you don't like the one that's there 
(currently managed/supported by
you're certainly welcome to try your own...

some learning experiences, fwiw:

nb, we haven't seen overwhelming participation yet
(folks dribble in a few at a time after each
some subset of those find it useful enough to stay),
and tho the discussions are useful
(i guess less noise than nanog, 
but what kind of benchmark is _That) 
i think there are still some technical obstacles 
(not to mention the thing) 
that prevent such tools from reaching their potential  
(i demoed this a few nanogs ago where you had tools 
that could have traceroute, whois, and 
show up in the window shared by everyone -- 
some of those tools admittedly havent kept up
with the transition of the data to new machines
and directory structures, if you are into 
moo.programming there's definitely tasks 
here you could jump into to help out -- )
there are several quite useful tools that could
augment the current platform, not to mention finding 
some distributed moo code that works so kc.outages
don't bring down the United NOC Front :( )

but such distributed code doesn't turn out to 
appear publically available and stable, alas
that would be a nice contribution too --

at any rate, the idea was/is for a neutral forum for 
ISPs to communicate about immediate problems/possibly 
co-diagnose/debug them online.  (see for 
inspirational hallucinations of cooperation)
i think multiplying this kind service
(and especially within non-neutral context, 
i.e., a single sponsoring ISP in the competitive 
marketplace) may not have the desired effect --

but i'd be eager to be wrong here --
i'm in no way possessive of the idea/implementation
i just want it to be useful
i don't care who makes it that way ...
so if you have more luck, i'm your new biggest fan 

fyi reminder that IPNmoo has terms of agreement
isomorhpic to those of craig and susan's 
IPN service supported at merit
as mentioned at nanog
you're more than welcome to connect as guest 
if you wanna try it out


(ps man that was fast, eric just connected)

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