Is this just a rumor?

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Tue Aug 26 21:34:39 UTC 1997

On Aug 26, Joe Shaw <jshaw at> wrote: 

> I've also heard that.  Another rumor is that Domain Name Registration is
> going to now cost $250/year, instead of $50/year.  

	Haven't heard that one, but I doubt they'd be that stupid.

> Class C address space
> is going to cost you $2500/year.  The $9.95/month ISPs are out of
> business.  What's this going to do to the small and struggling businesses
> out there?  Class B networks are now going to cost $637500 at that price.
> So, look for prices on everything to start going up to cover the costs for
> your upstream providers.

	That one I have heard.  The actual pricing structure in the
	early ARIN proposals ( was scalable;
	it was never $2500 per class C unless you're getting them
	one at a time, in non-contiguous blocks.

	These kinds of conspiracy theories are on literally dozens
	of other mailing lists, including NAIPR and PAGAN.

	Please note the reply-to.

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