Is this just a rumor?

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Tue Aug 26 17:30:21 UTC 1997

On Aug 26, Lincoln Silver <lsilver at> wrote: 

> I heard a rumor that the InterNic is no longer going to make contact
> information public. Is this true? If I do a "whois," will I no longer
> get contact info? Can someone shed light on this rumor? 

	I didn't hear anything like that from the various NSI
	folks at ISPCON; doesn't mean it isn't true, but I'd
	say it's unlikely.

	More likely, this is a misunderstanding of what they
	/did/ do, which is stop making the zone files for .COM,
	.NET, and .ORG anonymously FTP'able.

	If you can prove you've got a good reason to FTP 'em,
	they'll give you a login and password; I know of a few
	people who've done it already.

	For more rumours of this type, check out the inet-access
	mailing list, <inet-access-request at>.

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