Netrail woes (was Re: Atlanta-NAP down (fwd))

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Mon Aug 25 23:10:59 UTC 1997

This is not a NANOG topic, but I felt I should respond, feal free to hit D

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Ehud Gavron wrote:

> 	So when you just admitted you SHOULD HAVE PAID the bill,
> 	but didn't want to, and you didn't order the circuits, do
> 	you really expect three fiber carriers to drop their drawers
> 	to get their business?

I said I should have paid the bill because our customers should be the top
priority. You then can deal with them in later. I actually did not think
they would shut it off because it was disputed. If you check with the
records the thing I signed with worldcom said I was paying the bills to
get my network up, not because I owed the money.

> 	I hate to tell you, but if you think stiffing Worldcom 300K
> 	you owed them and then trying to blame THEM for it is legitimate
> 	business practices, you need to buy a bigger clue.

I don't think so.

> 	"No bible-toting fool who won't pay his bills will be
> 	in business long."  - Ehud  (look it up, it's in the same book.)

I have been in business for 3 years and God has blessed me a lot, but this
is not a nanog topic so I will not go into that.

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