Trans-Atlantic Traffic

Sean M. Doran smd at
Sat Aug 23 17:39:56 UTC 1997

Per Gregers Bilse <bilse at> writes:

Well, other people's memories vary somewhat I guess.
I'll ask you your version of things over beer at the next
RIPE meeting. :)

> If you think rationally, why didn't we stay with Ebone?
> Warm, cosy, cooperative -- why would anybody break away voluntarily?

Expensive. --:)

(Well, that's been the recent reason, though there are
funding politics inolved in many cases of that too, I guess)

> And, of course, if Ebone
> wants to be part of EUnet, we can probably work something out.

Wouldn't this mean changing your business model? :) :)

> Your somewhat glorifying description of Ebone and the
> lumping of everybody else belies 

Any implication of "guilt by association" was completely
unintentional.  Also, any implication that EUNET is
somehow less than Ebone was also unintentional.  As I
said, EUNET is cool. :)

> I didn't exactly imply that (it could be a hot discussion topic,
> though),

That can be the second or third round of beer. :-)


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