Router management at MAE-East and MAE-West

Wookie wookie at
Sat Aug 23 10:21:32 UTC 1997

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question...

I work for an ISP and we're looking at hooking up our own links to
MAE-East and MAE-West. A problem we forsee is that we're 1,000+ miles from
both of these locations, and we'd rather not have to drop everything and
jump on a flight if the router goes down and needs a reboot or hardware
replacement, and we dont really want to have to take on an employee living
near each MAE to do this stuff.

How do other ISPs deal with hardware problems at remote MAEs?

Someone told me that there are companies (possibly MFS themselves?) who
can do 24x7router hardware management, and even install the router in the
first place. Does anyone have experience of these services? Are they
reliable? Can they provide "out of band" router access, eg through the
console serial port to a console server?

Any contact details would also be very helpful.



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