US Domestic line costs?

Jim Dixon jdd at
Thu Aug 14 21:11:02 UTC 1997

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Josh Beck wrote:

> > God, that is a massive difference to nancy's formula!!!  Nancy's cals 
> > would give a line cost of around $900 and yours $4350 (going by my 
> > Reader's Digest Atlas ;-)))
> 	Well, PacBell does suck. Additionally, I would imagine that after
> X miles line charges change... we only have one PacBell T1 (all others
> MFS). It is San Diego -> Irvine, about 100 miles.  I know it isn't $4k,
> but I don't know how much it is... around town, however, that is their
> cost AFAIK, but then again that too could be dated information.

These things do vary all over the place.  We used to pay $170 a month
for a T1 in San Jose.

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