[CISCO] directed-broadcast, ip classless

BrandonButterworth brandon at rd.bbc.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 21:04:58 UTC 1997

> }-----------------------------------------------------
> }CASE:  H87037
> }OPENED: 05-AUG-97
> }DESCRIPTION: make "ip classless" default for ISP IOS images
> }-----------------------------------------------------
> }
> }The "ip classless" is important since various folks have chunks
> }of former class A address space but do not have the entire former
> }class A.  For example, @Home has a small slice of 24.x.x.x,
> }but several other providers are also in 24.x.x.x.

> In other words, don't waste your breath screaming at them about
> something they decided to change a long time ago.

Almost serious:-  how about changing the request to ask for
an "ip clueless" command for those that can't set their routers
up so the rest of the net can't be easily spammed?


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