Loadsa ICMP...

Tony Li tli at juniper.net
Wed Aug 13 21:00:23 UTC 1997

jcgreen at netins.net (Jon Green) writes:

> I'm not from a Cisco background, so forgive me, but.. What a strange
> way to configure a router.  You have to configure it in a non-intuitive
> way because the intuitive way will blow up the router?  I guess we should
> be thankful that IOS lets us get around hardware limitations of the box, but
> someone should really teach Cisco a concept called "SMP".  Just an
> observation..

You are correct.  The intuitive way does the Right Thing, which is to send
back an ICMP packet.  The optimization to get that to happen at interrupt
time never did happen... mostly due to lack of customer demand.

As to the small matter of a Small Matter of Programming, well, it's a lot
easier if you're the one asking for it than the one doing it.


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