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Jon Green jcgreen at netins.net
Wed Aug 13 20:12:51 UTC 1997

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997 14:40:05 -0500, ed at texas.net writes:
>	realize here that doubling (or tripling, or quadrupling) the
>CPU power of the cisco will not help.  Upgrading from an rsp2 to an
>rsp4 would buy you about 3 times 3.5Kpps, say around 10Kpps, process
>switched.  That's still hardly enough to save you when you're being

That's my point.  The answer is to get rid of the concept of an
RSP completely.  A box with a central CPU is never going to scale as well
as a distributed processor design no matter how many MHz you throw at it.

There ARE vendors that have such designs (and have had such designs for about
the past 5 years or so..)

While admittedly I (strongly) dislike Cisco, it is in the best interest of the
entire Internet to see them build a better box.  With 80% of the routers
in the Internet being Cisco, these types of DoS attacks make me a bit
nervous about our future when the infrastructure is built on what
is IMHO a non-scalable architecture.


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