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Jan Novak jan.novak at aliatel.cz
Wed Aug 13 16:49:28 UTC 1997

Od:	NovakJ
Odesláno: 	13. srpna 1997 12:12
Komu:	'nanog at merit.edu'
Předmět: 	Dial-in access

Sorry for problems with long lines...

I have a question, which is not really operational but rather technological one.
It concerns the Internet dial-in access. I hope there are several dial-in ISPs, 
not only transit ones, among you.
Let me explain the situation.
We are an "emerging" LEC in Czech Republic. Our aim is to build a wireless 
access network for data and telephony services. The wireless base stations 
will be connected to the voice and data switches, which will be interconnected
 via SDH network together.
The problem is following: We expect a huge amount of Internet dial-in users,
 which will connect to the ISPs via our regular telephony service. We need to 
find a device, which will be placed between the base station and voice switch 
and capable to detect (based on the called number) the call to the ISPs, 
terminated it (e.g. completely bypass the voice switch) and provide some 
data interface, which will be connected to the ISP on the ordinary IP level.
We know, in US you are facing the same problems with this kind of un-needed
 voice switches overload, your help will be very usefull for us.

My question is:

Do somebody of you use some kind of this rerouting or DXCs bypass
and with which devices or is this functionality included directly in the 
voice switch ???
Only pointers to vendors are quite sufficient - Nortel´s  "Internet Thruway" 
can be a example.

Thanks very much.

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