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Tue Aug 12 13:44:10 UTC 1997

     Try the following web pointer maintained by the good folks at the 
     National Lab for Advanced Network Research (NLANR).
     Lots of useful recent and historical information there (most recent is 
     a packet distribution recorded as of 6/25/97).  The average packet 
     size passed 250 bytes over a year ago, and still seems to be rising 
     although I haven't calculated the exact value.
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Subject: Packet size data
Author:  "Justin W. Newton" <justin at> at smtplink
Date:    8/11/97 11:23 AM

        Does anyone have any /recent/ information on the breakdown of packet
crossing the net right now?  I have seen some of the older data, but am 
interested in whether or not the percentages are changing over time, and if 
so, how.  I.e. I could see people moving from interactive services such as 
telnet for reading mail and news to going to a client based system would up 
the packet sizes.  Likewise, the use of some of the streaming video and 
audio applications out there might lower it again.  In my mind, recent is 
anything that has been done in the last 6 months or so.
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