Backup Power Schemes

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Mon Aug 11 19:59:26 UTC 1997

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, wb8foz wrote:

> Bill McCauley sez:
> > In earthquake country, natural gas is as prone to interruption as any other
> > utility.  
> True. I had not factored that in. Further, in extreme cold weather,
> propane freezes (really, does not go liquid->gas).

Ya, been there, I had to heat the tank VARY carefully with a blow torch.
There is stuff out there to keep the tank heated, but can lead to

> But barring the gas utility starting rationing, it is in many
> places a viable option. I know a large ISP here in DC has such,
> or did... 

Ya, also been there. They shut my house off during that winter, but hehe I
own a pipe wrench. So now big deal. 

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