BBN (GTE) Suffers another major power problem.

Jonah Yokubaitis barron at
Sat Aug 9 09:10:48 UTC 1997

On Fri, 8 Aug 1997, Charles Sprickman wrote:
|Now at Telehouse NY, (our cabinet being right across from Genuity, btw)
|they tell us that all power is coming from an inverter, and there is
|enough battery power to keep the entire facility going until the generator
|comes online.  They even invite you to come out and see them
|disconnect the utility co. power during their quarterly tests...  This is
|primarily a "datacenter" with a much higher count of things that say
|"Cisco" on them than those that say "Lucent" or "AT&T".  They also claim
|they have 3 days of diesel fuel available...

How long does it take your generator to kick in? IMO you had _better_
have 4hours of battery plant *MINIMUM* in case your generator does not
start. The 4hours is needed so you can get your rollup generator (from
a generator contractor) drive to your pop and hooked into your
external power tap.  We have a 225KW Onan that goes from off to fully
operational in 5seconds. Its tested (non-loaded) every monday, and
tested with full load every 4th monday. I have seen a _lot_ of
generator problems.

|So I guess the rule here is, put your 48V stuff at a telco colo, and put
|the big AC stuff at a modern datacenter...

huh? Every modern datacenter I have seen is running -48VDC.  Are you
aware of how much electrical interference AC power causes? Your
equipment _all_ runs on DC power. The AC power supplies in your
equipment is just rectifying the power from AC --> DC (usually 5v or
12v DC). By running AC power backup systems, you are losing ~20-30%
effiency due to power conversions. 


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