ipx to ip conversion

David Stoddard dgs at us.net
Thu Aug 7 19:28:41 UTC 1997

Stephen Dolloff writes:
> I know that there must be others of you out there doing this. What would your
> use to get an ipx and ip network up on the internet.  They are running the
> novell client (not windows for workgroups client) on win 3.1.1. We have tried
> Cisco (until they cancelled support for their ipx gateway) and we have tried
> putting the tcp-ip stack on, but it won't install without the workgroups 
> client.

	This *really* doesn't belong on NANOG.  Next time, you might try
	the inet-access at earth.com list for questions like this.  For the
	rest of NANOG, hit the delete key now if you don't care about
	Netware and TCP/IP ...

	And the answer is: "Install a TCP/IP stack on your Windows PCs".
	You can do this as follows:

	Configure your Windows for Workgroups clients to use the Novell
	ODI drivers (on WfWG you do this in the Network Group/Network
	Setup/Drivers/ Netware ODI Drivers -- on Windows 3.1x you just make
	sure Windows knows about the Netware drivers in setup.exe).  Then
	in your autoexec.bat file, make sure you load your ODI driver stack
	as follows:

	ne2000.com	(or whatever MLID driver your ethernet card requires)
	odipkt.com 1 96
	winpkt.com 0x60
	vlm.exe		(or netx.exe)

	Note that if you had a Windows for Work Groups network using IPX/SPX
	without a NetWare server, you would use the same technique except that
	you would not need to load vlm.exe (or netx.exe).

	Then you will need to modify your net.cfg file to support ethernet_II
	frames.  A sample net.cfg file is as follows:

	Link Support
	   Buffers 8 1600
	   Mempool 4096

	Link Driver NE2000
	   Frame Ethernet_802.2
	   Frame Ethernet_II
	   Protocol IPX 0 Ethernet_802.2

	You may need statements for Port or IRQ also, but this works for most.
	If you are running a pre-3.12 version of Netware, it is likely you
	are using Ethernet_802.3 instead of Ethernet_802.2 frames -- you will
	need to change this accordingly.  The ordering of the Frame statements
	is dependent on the value of the first parameter on the odipkt.com
	line.  Because some versions of ipxodi.com will grab the first frame
	slot (slot 0) regardless of what is in net.cfg, I strongly recommend
	that the TCP/IP frame (ethernet_ii) be the second frame in the file
	(slot 1 when odipkt loads).

	Finally, you will need a copy of Trumpet Winsock to load in the Start
	group on each Windows PC.  Configure the packet vector in TCPMAN.EXE
	to use "60" (the same value used in winpkt.com, but without the 0x
	prefix).  See ftp://ftp.us.net/pub/drivers/novell for more info.  The
	README.CFG discusses this in greater detail, and the winpkt.com and
	odipkt.com drivers can be found there.  Trumpet Winsock is shareware
	and can be found everywhere on the Internet.

	Dave Stoddard  (disappearing for vacation in four hours ...)
	US Net Incorporated
	dgs at us.net

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