Implementing anti-abuse techniques on ISP networks....

Christopher Masto chris at
Thu Aug 7 21:09:42 UTC 1997

On Thu, Aug 07, 1997 at 12:22:28PM -0700, Michael Dillon wrote:
> >For those scoring along at home, it's not easily possible with the
> >RADIUS-based method I suggested, as the RADIUS server doesn't know
> >the dynamic IP that will be assigned until it has already accepted
> >the login.  Oh well.
> Which RADIUS server are you referring to, there are many.

None in particular.  I was referring to RADIUS the protocol.

> RADIUS servers can be hacked to do anything you like and a couple of years
> ago I remember that at least one person had hacked there server to issue
> static IP addresses from a dynamic pool managed by the RADIUS server rather
> than allowing the terminal server to manage its own pool of addresses. This
> sort of hack could be used in conjunction with special filter rules to
> accomplish what you seek.

Defeating the terminal server's pool management, yes.  I though it was
obvious that I was referring to allowing the addresses to be assigned
by the term servers.  In any case, this has indeed exhausted its
operational interest.
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