Implementing anti-abuse techniques on ISP networks....

Bill Becker bbecker at
Fri Aug 8 06:17:56 UTC 1997

On Wed, 6 Aug 1997, Andy Pitts wrote:

> > I don't know about the "huge players", but we're an Internet Service
> > Provider, not an Internet Blockage Provider.  We don't allow spoofing,
> > and we don't allow relaying, but we're not about to put filters
> > to prevent dialup customers from connecting wherever they want.
> I too, am a small Internet Service Provider, and I too, don't want
> to block sites that my users may want to access.  But there seems
> to be a few domains that do nothing but generate spam.  Am I not
> providing a service to my users if I prevent them from being
> smothered with spam from those sites?

Of course.  If it's your mail server you can decide what sites it will 
accept mail from.  But will you also use router access lists to prevent 
your users from connecting to wherever and whatever they want?  

Two separate issues.


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