BBN (GTE) Suffers another major power problem.

Christopher Masto chris at
Fri Aug 8 18:49:53 UTC 1997

On Fri, Aug 08, 1997 at 02:15:35PM +0000, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> I do not agree at all, the question is what do you want to PAY to keep up.
> When we started we just provided generator feed just of our gear. After we
> lost power for +12 hours and our AIR units were off we learned that
> everything must be on generator. They make LARGE generators, we have a
> 750KVA in Atlanta, and are installing a 1000KVA in Chicago. It can be
> done, just not cheep.

Before this gets too out-of-hand, let me just say "forget what I said
before".  It doesn't apply to BBN.  Yes, they should have had adequate
backup power.  A clear case of posting before waking up on my part.
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