Nuclear power for POPs

Chris A. Icide chris at
Fri Aug 8 20:35:48 UTC 1997

We could probably fit one based on the old disimilar metal designs, but we
would be limited to non raised floor surfaces as the lead cabinets and lead
curtains would probably exceed the raised floor capacity limits.  We'd also have
to supply some method of heat removal, since I doubt the heat radiation panels
would fit in any conventional data center space.  This means we would have
to have some kind of active cooling system (of course requiring a uninteruptable
power system to make sure it's available 100%).  In the mean time we could 
document the effects of radiation upon network vendor hardware
equipment.  Remember the old "internet could survive a nuclear conflict"?
Maybe we ought to combine it with that missile silo someone noted a few
months ago.


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Subject: 	Nuclear power for POPs

At 14:50 8/8/97, William Duncanson wrote:
>> I'll be more than happy to leverage my experience from my Nuclear 
>> Engineering days to help Internet companies plan for these redundant
>> power plants.  Each load of fuel would be good for about 18 to 24 
>> months of sustained operation, and we could even design it so that
>> should it experience an explosion, there is no confusion or expectation
>> on the performance and viability of colocated and nearby equipment.
>> Chris
>Sign me up!  I want one of these in my back yard.  I figure I could
>probably run the whole block off of one of these.

It may soon be necessary to include one of these in each POP,
given notable vendors increasing power demands...

Chris, can you do 23" open rack designs? 


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