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FYI, as a former customer, we received this today...

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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:36:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: UUNET Network Operations <noc at UU.NET>
Reply-To: help at UU.NET
To: alter-ops at UU.NET
Subject: UUNET Toughens Anti Spamming Policy
Newsgroups: uunet.status

Dear Customer,

As a result of the recent increase in spamming activity over the Internet,
we have strengthened our anti-spamming policy. Please see the attached press
release for details. 

In addition, as you may know, UUNET has been targeted by a group of
newsgroup administrators who have mistakenly accused UUNET of ignoring
spamming complaints. This group has taken actions which may impact your
ability to use the UUNET news service. The attached release describes our
response to these actions. 

Please note the effect of filtering news postings from sources whose
identity cannot be authenticated, as indicated in the press release, will be
to block postings from those using UUNET's news servers from a dynamic
address pool.  There should be no effect on postings by UUNET Internet 9-5
customers or customers of UUNET resellers who post to the reseller's news
servers. Single-User Dial-up customers will not be able to post articles to
UUNET's news servers. 

UUNET intends for this measure to be temporary, pending the implementation
of user authentication technology.  We will keep you advised of further

Please do not hesitate to contact customer support with any questions you
may have on this matter at 1(800) 900-0241 or at 1(703) 206-5440.

Thank You,



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Largest ISP Re-Affirms Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Spammers

FAIRFAX, Va., August 5, 1997-UUNET Technologies, Inc., the world's largest
Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a subsidiary of WorldCom, Inc., today
announced it will take additional measures against the growing tide of mail
and newsgroup spammers. The new measures will make it much more difficult
for spammers to post messages through UUNET, and are designed to enable
UUNET to identify the origin of a specific spam. "Spamming" is the sending
of unsolicited material to a wide list of recipients, either through the
mail or the news systems of the Internet.

UUNET has a  zero-tolerance policy toward spamming and understands that it
is a widespread problem for Internet users. The spamming problem does not
originate with UUNET or its resellers, but with a small number of end users,
who are typically customers of those resellers. More than 99 percent of the
spamming investigations conducted by UUNET involve a reseller. UUNET
actively assists in identifying the spammer, and the reseller then follows
its own policies, which typically include warnings to its customers and
eventual termination. 

"We've been working behind the scenes, hand-in-glove with our resellers, to
stem the flow of spam and we've stopped a lot of offenders," said John
Sidgmore, UUNET's CEO.  "However, current technology makes spamming easier,
so we've found it necessary to strengthen our anti-spamming measures."

UUNET's anti-spamming policy includes:
- limiting the length of email recipient lists;
- blacklisting mail sent from known spamming locations or organizations;
- maintaining a mailbox (abuse at uu.net) which allows victims to report spam
- providing a dedicated customer service and security staff which
investigates spamming incidents; and
- enforcing a customer service agreement which provides for service
termination in the event of spamming.
 UUNET is now adding the following measures:
- implementing new technology which will identify the source of a spam; 
- filtering news postings from sources whose identity cannot be
authenticated; and
- discontinuing the relay of third-party mail messages to non-UUNET
destinations (a common technique used by spammers to hide their identity).


Spamming Release/page two

Misinformed Group Disrupts UUNET News Service
Late last week, UUNET was singled out by a group of Internet news
administrators who mistakenly accused UUNET of ignoring spamming complaints.
The group has taken indiscriminate actions which effectively prohibit
newsgroup postings that travel over the UUNET infrastructure, regardless of
whether the postings qualify as spam.

"These actions are clearly the result of a misunderstanding," said Sidgmore.
"The group obviously was not aware of the strong anti-spamming steps we have
taken on behalf of our own and our reseller's customers. Nonetheless we
deplore these actions, which we believe to be illegal." Today UUNET
initiated technical measures to counteract the effects of the group's
actions. UUNET said it would turn the matter over to the appropriate law
enforcement authorities.

About UUNET Technologies 
Headquartered in Fairfax, Va., UUNET Technologies, Inc. is the world's
largest Internet service provider, offering a comprehensive range of access
options, World Wide Web hosting services, security products and consulting
services to businesses, professionals, and on-line service providers. The
company's network is comprised of nearly 1,000 Points of Presence (POPs)
throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific
region, as well as connections to Internet service providers around the
world. Founded in 1987, UUNET is recognized as the first commercial Internet
service provider and is a subsidiary of WorldCom, Inc. UUNET's World Wide
Web address is http://www.uu.net.

About WorldCom
WorldCom is a global business telecommunications company. Operating in more
than 50 countries, the company is a premier provider of facilities-based and
fully integrated local, long distance, international and Internet services.
WorldCom's World Wide Web address is http://www.wcom.com. The common and
depositary shares of WorldCom trade on the Nasdaq National Market (U.S.)
under the symbol WCOM and WCOMP, respectively.

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