An end to spam through Graphnet

Dana Hudes dhudes at
Mon Aug 4 15:58:30 UTC 1997

J.D. Falk wrote:

> On Aug 1, Geoff White <geoffw at> wrote:
> > > Let this be an object lesson to those of you out there who
> have
> > > yet to upgrade:
> > > the spammers will find you sooner or later.
>         And once they've found you, they will keep on relaying
> through
>         you until you make it impossible for them to do so.

Believe it folks! These characters are persistent and once one
finds you the rest follow.

> > Can anyone elaborate a little more on the "one true" set of
> procedures
> > that one should take to prevent spammers from abusing ones
> resources.
>         It varies depending on what your situation is, and how
> smart
>         you expect your customers to be.
> > The current problem that I have is valid customers who are
> "on the road"
> > and want to sendmail through my SMTP server when they dial
> into
> > att or netcom, before their eudora's used to point their SMTP
> server
> > at me, that ain't happenin' after my spam attach so is there
> some work
> > around that they can use?
>         The /best/ idea is to have them use a local SMTP
> server.  If
>         they can't or won't do that, there are a few recipes
> floating
>         around that let you exempt messages from specific
> sources; I
>         haven't investigated those much, but they're out there.

If someone had a fixed IP address I could theoretically allow
that one through my router filters but that's just begging for IP

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