Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

J.D. Falk jdfalk at
Mon Aug 4 17:08:26 UTC 1997

On Aug 2, Martin Hannigan <hannigan at> wrote: 

> I agree. I wish there was a better way to distribute information
> regarding spammers other than NANOG. If there is, I'd love the
> pointer.

	I've got a list running which is specifically for ISP's to
	discuss mail filtering options; it's pretty much dead right
	now, but that might be a good place to move this to.

	Mail to <isp-mail-filter-request at> with
	a Subject of "subscribe" -- I have to approve each request,
	so if we haven't conversed much in the past then please tell
	me which ISP you work for in the body of the message.

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