Transit over the MFS meet points as a product?

Danny McPherson danny at
Tue Aug 5 05:27:42 UTC 1997

> 	If this happens, will MFS attempt to police the meet point
> and force anyone who is currently providing "transit" to purchase
> and user this "product"?

I don't see how they'd differentiate the traffic..

> 	Will it change/worsen the performance of the heavier traffic
> sites by "stealing" customers from the larger traffic sources, and
> then dumping traffic upon those already overloaded circuits making
> the HoLB problem all the worse?

If this happens I'd suggest everyone at the NAPs deploy some type of MAC-layer 
filtering.  It's far to easy (and seemingly common) for providers to forget to 
set "next-hop-self" on NAP routes .. so what I foresee is providers selling 
transit via the exchanges ...and then never seeing the traffic bound to 
*their* unsuspecting peers.

> 	Does anyone really care whether or not transit is sold over
> the MFS meet points, and if so, what are the operation concerns?

I personally don't think it's a good idea, there are enough traffic related problems without "additional" transit-only connections.

Perhaps this is MFS's ploy to sell MAC-layer filtering ;-)


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