Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

Bill Becker bbecker at
Sun Aug 3 09:07:04 UTC 1997

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Marty Lyons wrote:

> At 12:30 PM -0400 8/2/97, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> >Ack! You put '' in their Marty! :)
> Regarding the SpamDomains file: It is based on our experience here
> with problem domains and is made with careful consideration.  I'm
> not particularly motivated to remove anyone from it until the Net as
> a whole indicates a domain has cleaned up its act.  As an example file,

Can i deduce from this that you have blocked PSI as well as that datablast
domain?  If you use sheer volume of spam-relaying as your measure, PSI's
act is far more unclean.  But we block datablast and allow PSI to crap 
all over the place because it's expedient to do that.  Where does a 500 
pound gorilla take a dump?

By the way -- PSI is operating several mail machines that are running
wide-open for anyone who wants to use them for spamming or bombing.  The
MTA they are using is not adding the IPs of the originating host to the
header.  I have complained to them for two weeks now, but they have done
nothing, poopsie, squat, diddley, nadda, zilch. 


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