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Fri Aug 1 03:58:18 UTC 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Brian Merritt wrote:

> I'm sure all of you noticed that MAE-East has ate it a few times 
> in the last hour or so. Did any of you have any luck getting an 
> explanation as to what's going on?

Yeah... our FDDI bounced 3 times...

MFS has master ticket #102571 open...

This is what our NOC has in (our) open ticket:

   The master ticket from MFS is 102571, they are now
   aware of the matter and have an engineer on it.
   At 2303 EST they found 22 line entries of loops. 
   There were 6 at 2252. Terry is the MFS engineer working on the issue.
   The logs were found on the gigaswitch /usr/mae-logs/group/31 bridge logs

Prolly another bridging loop w/ a NetEdge -- that's what they always are
;-)  *duck*

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