how to protect name servers against cache corruption

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>In article <[email protected][]>, you wrote:
>>as many people as possible know the best possible solutions to the problem,
>>in this case installing BIND 4.9.6 or the latest BIND 8. But I don't think
>... and discussions of problems NOT solved by these releases?
>What of discussion of problems that CAN'T be solved by new releases of

Well, there are various security lists for these kinds of theoretical
discussions and since it directly concerns BIND, I would think that the
BIND workers mailing list would be appropriate too. But there's not much
point in discussing it here because if there is nothing that network
operators can install or configure to solve the problem then there really
isn't anything we can do at all. We build and run the highways. New asphalt
formulas are of no interest to us until you are able to deliver 120
truckloads next Monday. Then come here and tell us.

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