how to protect name servers against cache corruption

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Fri Aug 1 20:26:53 UTC 1997

You know I can understand how discussing problems in DNS is an valid
concern for netowrk operations I cant for the life of me figure out
exactly how supposed netowrk and security professionals can show a 
complete lack of maturity and restraint.  Thomas Ptacek is attempting
to discuss in a level headed straight forward manner a serious problem
and is being met with repeated insults, open hostility and down right
rude behavior.  Thomas is to be thanked for being the obviously better
man, regardless of the validity of his opinions, for coming to the table
in a direct, polite fashion.  In an open forum it is sad to see people
such as Perry Metzger, Paul Vixie, Paul Ferguson all stooping to attack
people whose idea they dont like instead of addressing the issue.
Can we please get back to the more adult discussion of the issues and 
leave the childish attacks on peoples intelligence, heritage, personal
habits and the like to a more proper forum?  this list is begining to
remind me of a bad Beavis and Butthead nightmare.  It would be most 
enjoyable to not have to see the following in the future.

For example:

From: "Perry E. Metzger" <perry at>
I see my opinion of you was more than correct. You're a jerk.

I'm sure you've never asked yourself why it is that the people who've
written widely deployed software and standards and make the world work
hold you in contempt. I'm sure you never will. That's because you're a

Paul has been doing a very good job of slowly but surely getting BIND
cleaned up, getting vastly improved code out there into the real
world, and largely been paying for the effort out of his own
pocket. He's worth about seven thousand Thomas Ptaceks -- perhaps
worth more. Frankly, if I had a choice between saving you from
drowning by some minimal action like pushing a button under my index
finger and, for example, keeping someone from spilling a cup of coffee
on Paul's pants, I'd say the latter would be more important for the
world and would be the choice I'd almost certainly make. I mean this
in the greatest of seriousness. I suspect that the more you post, the
more that will become general community consensus as to your worth as
a human being.

From: Paul A Vixie <vixie at>

you are sloppy, ill mannered, and ignorant.  it's clear that you have not
read rfc 1034 or rfc 1035 (much less 2010 or 2136), or that if you have
read them you did not understand them.

i have been sloppy, ill mannered, and ignorant in the past.  but i did not
display those traits when speaking to people who had been doing DNS work for
ten years before i started.

you have an uphill climb if you expect me to take you seriously in the future.
it's not impossible.  but from your continued arrogance and inability to see
yourself through the eyes of others, i hold out very little hope.

From: Paul Ferguson <pferguso at>
Sure, smart guy. And there are also issues with IP packets
which are passed across untrusted nodes in the Internet.

Craig Nottingham
craig at

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