ASExplorer 1.0 Beta Announcement

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Fri Aug 1 19:14:59 UTC 1997

The University of Michigan and Merit Network, Inc. are pleased to announce
the 1.0 Beta release of ASExplorer.  The new ASExplorer is the first of a
series of visualization tools being developed by the Internet Performance
Measurement and Analysis project (IPMA). Please see:

The new, light-weight ASExplorer Java client displays routing instability
data received from one or more user-selected channels. We are currently
providing channels for routing instability data collected at the AADS,
MAE-East, MAE-West, PacBell, and PAIX exchange points. 

Some of the new features of ASExplorer include:

* Who is AS1239?  Well, just float your mouse cursor over AS1239,
  and we'll tell you!  Dynamically updated Internic information
  tells you more than just an AS number -- try it and see.

* Instability levels are monitored via graphs of BGP announcements and
  withdrawals, both updated in real-time.

* Lists of currently flapping prefixes are hooked into the
  main ASExplorer window, and allow you to jump to an AS with
  a single click.

* ASExplorer now lists all of the announced routes by an AS within the
  last time window (currently fixed at 75 minutes).

* You can jump directly to an AS if you know its AS number.  No more
  hunting through layers of HTML.

* Can't figure out how the darn tool works?  Use the on-line

Also note that if you just want to look at the real-time graphs, you can
view them at 

The new version of ASExplorer relies on the Salamander Data Distribution
infastructure to provide real-time updates to the client
applets/application via a platform-independent webcasting technology. 

If you have any questions, comments, or any form of criticism, please feel
free to send mail to ipma-support at 

P.S.  If you have any problems running the ASExplorer software, please
mail us the contents of your Java console and a brief description of your
problem.  The ASExplorer team will be more than willing to help you get
the software up and running.

- Jimmy
vecna at

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