An end to spam through Graphnet

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Fri Aug 1 23:10:19 UTC 1997

On Friday August 1997, J.D. Falk <jdfalk at>
 had this to say about "Re: An end to spam through Graphnet":

> > The current problem that I have is valid customers who are "on the road"
> > and want to sendmail through my SMTP server when they dial into 
> > att or netcom, before their eudora's used to point their SMTP server
> > at me, that ain't happenin' after my spam attach so is there some work
> > around that they can use?
> 	The /best/ idea is to have them use a local SMTP server.  If
> 	they can't or won't do that, there are a few recipes floating
> 	around that let you exempt messages from specific sources; I
> 	haven't investigated those much, but they're out there.

I implemented these anti-spam rules on the servers I administrate about
three months ago.  There was a flood of complaints from people who use
other dialin services, so I put together a list of the SMTP servers for
"the big boys"  and also for the local (competing) ISP's in each community
served (I sysadmin ISP's in three states).  The list is available to the
customers via web or email.  Since then, no complaints. 

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