how to protect name servers against cache corruption

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Sat Aug 2 00:21:45 UTC 1997

The Ferguson quote was on the NANOG list, and seemed very mild, but I
don't understand where the other quotes came from.  Am I experiencing
mail loss?

> From: craig at
> Can we please get back to the more adult discussion of the issues and
> leave the childish attacks on peoples intelligence, heritage, personal
> habits and the like to a more proper forum?  this list is begining to
> remind me of a bad Beavis and Butthead nightmare.  It would be most
> enjoyable to not have to see the following in the future.
> For example:
> From: "Perry E. Metzger" <perry at>
> From: Paul A Vixie <vixie at>
> From: Paul Ferguson <pferguso at>
> ----------------
> Craig Nottingham
> craig at

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