An end to spam through Graphnet

Keith McCallion keith at
Sat Aug 2 08:42:25 UTC 1997

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Someone told me that a spam package was distributed that specifically
> targets IRC servers as relays.  It would seem they don't bother updating
> the list, or their software is so popular that old versions stay in use.
> The system above blocks about 3,000 relay attempts per day, every day,
> since it got the anti-relay patches months ago.

Welcome to the club.. It's Avalanche and even though we've sense put exim
and relaying protection on the machine, we are still being pounded by
attempts to use the %-hack relays. We've actually contacted the FBI about
it, and they seemed willing to investigate it, but they never got back to
us -- our FBI contacts have kind of faded away.

Spam sucks.. 

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