Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

Marty Lyons marty at
Sat Aug 2 19:47:04 UTC 1997

At 12:30 PM -0400 8/2/97, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>Ack! You put '' in their Marty! :)

Regarding the SpamDomains file: It is based on our experience here
with problem domains and is made with careful consideration.  I'm
not particularly motivated to remove anyone from it until the Net as
a whole indicates a domain has cleaned up its act.  As an example file,
you should customize it to suit your own local needs; our file is
presented as a courtesy to the community.

But please, don't send me "please remove X cause they're really decent".
Corporate reputations are built on a foundation of cooperation and trust;
when an ISP tolerates bad behavior despite constant complaints from the 
community, they quickly lose that trust.  

Since NANOG is for technical issues, this is the only "position" mail I'll
post concerning the "who is on the list" issue.  Please send me private
mail if you'd like to discuss it further.

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