national stats. on ISP qty/size?

Ben Liberman ben at
Thu Nov 28 18:08:53 UTC 1996

Thanks to all who replied.  Boardwatch (
was a treasure trove of info.  Here is a sample from their web
page at <> derived from
their survey of 3000+ providers (if I read it correctly.)

Internet Service Provider Profile
(excluding top and bottom 10% of all ISPs surveyed)

Average time in business:                               22.2 months
Average number of employees:                            12.98
Average gross annual revenues:                    $637,571.76
Average annual revenue per employee:                   119.55
Average hardware/software investment:             $165,615
Average number of dialup customers:                   1843.53
Average annual growth rate:                             93%
Average number of dial-up ports                        198.95
Average bandwidth to backbone:                           2.94 Mbps
Average bandwidth per dialup port:                      14.4 kbps
Average investment in hardware/software per customer:  $89.83
Average price of 28.8 kbps dialup account:             $19.95 per month

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