ANNOUNCEMENT: NANOG 9 Date Change (fwd)

Avi Freedman freedman at
Tue Nov 26 15:54:04 UTC 1996

Oops, didn't mean to send it to the whole list - I didn't notice [email protected] in
the cc: headers on the original message.

> While your outline sounds great wrt its chosen topic, the topic doesn't
> sound like what I consider to be route-reflecting -- specifically, route
> reflection in (i)BGP.  Your outline sounds more like "politics and
> operational issues surrounding peering and route-serving at a NAP."  Can
> someone clarify which of the two topics is the burning topic that people
> would like presented?
> Note that both topics may be burning issues and worthy of a presentation at
> the next NANOG...
> thanks,
> eric

I guess there were two groups of people wandering around muttering about
route reflection, then, because many were muttering about peering issues
and how long it takes to get peering even with people who generally are
open to it, just because of the send-everyone-email process.


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