Internic address allocation policy

Kim Hubbard kimh at
Mon Nov 25 01:04:53 UTC 1996

Mr. Allen,

I suggest you retract your statement below immediately.

I've been allocating address space for 6 years now and I've for
the most part remained silent while clueless people like yourself
make unsubstantiated accusations because I figured it was just part
of the job.  However, you, Mr. Allen have called into question my
character and the character of my staff and that is where I draw the line.

Yes, bribes are illegal and so is libel.

Kim Hubbard
Manager, IP Registry

> > Again, anybody who's figured out how to force the Internic to be
> > reasonable about address allocation, *please* drop me a note.
> By everybody who I've talked to and the intuitions I have personally
> perceived as well, the method being used is bribes.  Only thing is,
> since bribes aren't legal, you have to be a rather experienced bribe
> maker.  Perhaps you have to bribe a briber?
> This, folks, is why we all hate the allocation policies of the Pigs
> That Fly (excuse me, make that SAIC, er, Internic).  This isn't
> leftists looking for something to quarrel about (if so, where is all
> our support from them?!); this is real stuff.

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