Internic address allocation policy

Jamie jamie at
Sat Nov 23 21:32:45 UTC 1996

> > Would you care to provide _any_ evidence whatsoever that registry
> > personnel accept bribes?  If not, then please refrain from spreading
> > such unsubstantiated bullshit.
> He may have been talking to people that made joking references to bribes
> like "being nice", "sending thank you notes", and similar stuff. I have
> come across people who talk about bribing the Internic for favors but they
> are referring to the above, not to suitcases of cash. The phrase "bribing
> with kindness" comes to mind.

Policy or no policy, customers who are dickheads to me get put at the
very bottom of my queue and priority list.  They don't get *ignored*,
but they're put waaaaaaaaay down there.  The nice ones, the chummy ones
or ones who let me know that what I do for them is appreciated obviously
will get a higher preference.

We're not all robots.  We do have feelings, regardless of policy, and
if you had a T1, T3, whatever with me, and you publicly attacked me on
mailing lists, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not going to be
too nice to you.

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