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Dima Volodin dvv at
Fri Nov 22 17:33:38 UTC 1996

What's the bid deal about deterministic behaviour of routing technology for
voice service?


Mike Trest writes:
> Dima,
> Good observation.  However, I did not miss Vadim's point.  It is well
> stated.  But I would like to see a clearer path to deterministic behaviour
> in routing technology before we use it for integrated voice service, as an
> example.  "No worse than ATM" is not a good enough starting point. 
> Indeed, today we use ATM to transport IP traffic and also multiple
> technologies including some non-ATM stuff like broadcast video/voice, laser
> disk playback, Video Conferencing, and ordinary T1 AMI/D4 PSTN voice
> service.  I wonder, however, if an IP address (even at terabit speeds) will
> help to sort out which DS0 is going to which IXC.  Likewise, we should never
> think that IP traffic will ever be limited to any specific L1/L2 technology.
> Because I can do these things with ATM today does not mean that better IP
> routing engines are not needed!
> I mean no disrespect to Vadim.  I think is work is good.  I actually hope we
> do see better IP routing technology.  If the resultant product is
> deterministic at L3, ATMnet would probably be one of the first to sign up to
> give it a try.  
> ..mike..
> At 11:37 AM 11/22/96 -0500, Dima Volodin wrote:
> >Mike Trest writes:
> >> 
> >> Even though ATMnet has been delivering IP-over-ATM to commercial users
> >> longer than any other provider, we never claim that the Internet should
> >> exist *EXCLUSVELY* as ATM technology.  Quite the contrary, we (and our
> >> customers) see the technical and economic power of ATM technology in the
> >> ability to support fully integrated services.
> >
> >It's either you missed another point or I invented this another point in my
> >mind - a large chunk of Vadim's paper is devoted to the topic of pure IP's
> >being no worse that ATM for "integrated" services.
> >
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