IP Allocation

Dima Volodin dvv at sprint.net
Wed Nov 20 17:19:23 UTC 1996

You can use MX records with a port number in the PREFERENCE field and a
single 4-byte label in the EXCHANGE field. Or use TXT RRs of whatever
format you bloody will.


Jim Fleming writes:
> Some might also claim that there is a limitation in DNS
> system because "port" numbers can not easily be returned
> with an IP address. If that had been possible, then one IP
> address could have been used and different TCP port numbers.
> With the introduction of AAAA records into the DNS system,
> there is now an opportunity to send 128 bit binary quantities.
> Part of that quantity can be interpreted as a 32 bit IP address
> and part can be interpreted as a port number.
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