Internic address allocation policy

Eric Germann ekgermann at
Tue Nov 19 15:35:03 UTC 1996

At 10:14 PM 11/18/96 -0800, you wrote:

>Bah, humbug! I've seen the Internet these kind of people try to create.
>They call them FREE-nets and then tangle everyone up in petty politics,
>power struggles and mindless sniping. Instead of bringing people together,
>they divide people between the commercial providers (with 95% market
>share) and the community networks (with 5% market share) all the while
>claiming that they are great because they have brought the power of the
>Internet into the community. Internet access in North America costs less
>than a month's supply of cigarettes. How many poor people can't afford
>cigarettes? Not many.

The barrier to entry for that poor person is significantly higher, in the
real world, for the poor person.  Net access may be had for $20/month.  But
the hardware is a significant barrier for the poor person.  To expand your
analogy, poor people don't have to buy hardware to smoke.  We all come with
lips :)


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