The Cidr Report

Tony Bates tbates at
Fri Nov 15 22:34:05 UTC 1996

 Randy Bush <rbush at> writes:
  * Far out!  Maybe so!  
  * >> 	 -50 AS2914 WNA, premasticated for MCI :-)
  * > ???
  * Sorry.  I have to convert my RADB RPSL one into a placeholder RIPE-181++ fo
  * r
  * the MCI-RR, and that's the descr:.  For the real aut-num: see the RADB.  I
  * would think Tony would be picking up the latter.  Old habits, TB?
The RADB doesn't keep AS information for things not in the IRR. MCI
(and RIPE) takes the Internic AS allocation and massages it into
a basic aut-num (you need -a flag but it is there) so I use this as it
gives me a single point with the most AS to name mappings. I wonder who
thought doing the Internic mappic was useful ?


  * randy

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